NYC mayor's schedule included meetings with lobbyists opposed to Airbnb, Uber

May 31, he met with Glen about “life sciences,” according to a vague entry in the “Lobbyist Meetings Disclosure.”

The database only discloses general information about the meetings, including the date, attendees and an often obscure “issue” supposedly discussed, like “affordable housing” or “congestion.” Some meetings are simply logged as a “meet & greet.”

Spokesmen for Tishman Speyer didn’t answer the Post’s questions about the meeting or explain why it wasn’t included in lobbyist registrations with the City Clerk’s Office. City Hall said it is working with the real estate community to develop more lab space.

“Rob Speyer’s a multi-billionaire developer and he’s meeting the person in charge of development in New York City — they talked about real estate and how to make Rob Speyer richer,” said Westin, whose group launched a #ByeAlicia effort to boot the deputy mayor last year because they believe she pushes policies that fuel gentrification.