I'm still a Republican, but we need to vote in a Democratic Congress

My primary reason for supporting the election of a Democratic Congress in 2018 is not just my disgust at Trump’s incompetence, despicable behavior and ignorant policy making. Trump constitutes the greatest presidential threat to constitutional government and the Bill of Rights in my lifetime.

Up until now, the two most serious governmental 20th century dangers to our system of separation of powers and civil liberties were U.S. Sen. Joe McCarthy, R-Wis., and President Richard Nixon. Trump, however, is a far worse danger to our republic than either of these two…

Unlike Trump, however, Nixon was a patriot — he refused to pursue a recount in the 1960 election in the face of mounting evidence that in certain states, the Democrats had stolen the election on behalf of John F. Kennedy. He did not want to put America through the bitter national disunity this would entail. And unlike Trump, Nixon, a follower of Edmund Burke, respected institutions. He never would have embarked on institutional destruction such as Trump’s defamatory war against the federal judiciary and the FBI.

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