The Democrats descend into farce

As if that reaction weren’t farcical enough, the rest of the Democrat media obsessed over the fact that President the Donald tweeted a gleeful hint to the jobs numbers an hour before they were released — a break in protocol. “How will we survive Trump when he keeps breaking norms,” said one pundit on Morning Joe. NBC ran the headline: “Economy Added 223,000 jobs in May, but Trump’s premarket tweet is the focus.” Is the focus. There’s a piece of phraseology for you. Is the focus to whom? I have this image in my mind of a guy sitting down to dinner with his family, saying, “Honey… kids… the good news is that there’ll be Christmas presents again this year. The bad news: President Trump tweeted about it an hour early.” He’d probably let them stop sobbing before he told them that Don Lemon felt disrespected. You don’t want to hit them with too much too fast.

But for the most farcical response, you have to leave it to Nancy Pelosi ,who issued this statement: “Strong employment numbers mean little to the families hit with soaring new costs under the Republicans’ watch.” This had something to do with what used to be Obamacare, but I forget what because I can’t remember what Obamacare used to be.

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