Supreme Court decision says my faith is welcomed back in America

People don’t have to share my beliefs to support my freedom. They just need to agree that the decision should be mine to make — not the government’s to make for me. And it doesn’t hurt if they realize that depriving me of my freedom deprives them of theirs. If the government can force me to celebrate events and express views that violate my conscience, they can do it to anyone.

Storms tend not only to surprise but also to terrify. I’ve sure had my share of that. After the government forced me to stop designing wedding cakes, I lost 40% of my business. Since then, I’ve been worried that I’ll have to close my shop — that the revenue left won’t be enough to make ends meet.

And I’ve been greatly distressed by the death threats hurled at me. Few things approach the horror of hearing another vow to take your life.