Unfunny ladies are making nasty people of us. We can be better.

Growing up in New York, we knew how to quickly shut down crazy comments: “If everyone else were jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it too?” we would disapprovingly ask whenever another kid proposed doing something foolish or morally questionable. It’s an apt question and one that I’d like to put to many Americans today.

In an era when our president has bragged about his adultery and is known for using vulgar language, we all have a choice to make — elected officials, everyday Americans, and comedians alike. Will we imitate the least laudable parts of Donald Trump’s character, or will we carve out our own path?

This week has been a real low point, culturally speaking, watching the public debate about Roseanne Barr’s infamous tweet and Samantha Bee’s immigration bit smearing Ivanka Trump. It’s all been a searing reminder that our culture regularly showcases the complete opposite of what I hope to teach my own children.