Let’s not polish Saint Bobby Kennedy’s halo yet

First of all, he was not going to be elected president in 1968. Vice President Hubert Humphrey had an insurmountable lead for the Democrat nomination.

Another fact: Before Teddy got kicked out of Harvard for cheating, Bobby was getting expelled from Portsmouth Priory for … cheating. It’s a family tradition.

More facts: As attorney general in 1963, RFK authorized the FBI bugs on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That’s why he lost the Oregon primary just before he was assassinated. Hoover dropped a dime on him, although of course Bobby had his reasons for signing off on that earlier FBI Spygate.

Hoover had just killed a Senate investigation into one of JFK’s favorite White House hookers, an alleged East German spy named Ellen Rometsch, and … well, one hand washes the other in the Deep State, then as now.