Hollywood will use "Roseanne" as an excuse to get more insular

“Roseanne”‘s detractors — who have spent the last several months seething over the show’s success — won’t learn an iota from its many achievements and huge ratings. Instead, networks will focus squarely on its star’s moral failures, and nix any middle-class stories that look an ounce like it going forward.

Much to the Left’s chagrin, “Roseanne” was the best TV revival so far: funny, moving and, above all else, unifying. It didn’t look like it was shot through an Instagram filter, it didn’t take place in a dystopian hellscape and there was nothing prestigious about it whatsoever. The Conners were a normal Midwestern family who went through genuine American struggles — living paycheck to paycheck, losing work and dealing with a cranky dinner table.