This is the laziest Congress in history

Republicans might reply that just counting the number of statutes enacted doesn’t mean anything, particularly because the GOP generally seeks fewer laws and regulations as well as a smaller role for the federal government overall. Maybe that would be fine if America was an untroubled realm. But does this seem like a country with no problems to you? President Trump campaigned for his office on the premise that the country needed a radical overhaul to become “great again.” His inaugural speech was distinctly wartime, in both substance and tone, and spoke of a national emergency. Remember the carnage-filled streets of our cities? The way that America was being abused by its allies and shafted in international trade deals?

One would think that the rolling crisis the president has been yapping about nonstop might be amenable to solutions bolder than a lone giveaway to rich people and corporations and some half-hearted, thus far unsuccessful efforts to renegotiate America’s terms of trade and alliance policies. Stay with me for a second, but it’s almost as if neither President Trump nor his allies ever actually believed their own apocalyptic rhetoric about the condition of the country. It was all part of the grift.