Trump’s crab-bucket moral universe

We all live in Trump’s crab bucket now.

If you can’t win respect, then try to destroy the basis by which respect is granted by flattening the moral landscape. Because Trump is incapable of appreciating or emulating the senator’s sense of duty and honor, Trump resorts to the petulance of the bitter and the envious. “You’re no better than me,” is the timeworn playground taunt of the bully, the cretin, and the coward.

Although the term is overused, it is inescapably ironic that Trump’s most ardent supporters admire him because, they say, “he fights.” But he didn’t.

While McCain fought, Trump sat it out, the pampered rich boy with bone spurs who partied so hard that he bragged that his own Vietnam was avoiding venereal disease. Meanwhile, John McCain endured the unendurable with grace and courage.

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