NBC's exoneration of NBC on Matt Lauer's behavior stinks to high heaven

Speaking of NBC getting scooped in its own backyard, the network has yet to give a good explanation for why it wasn’t the first to report on the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, which features then-NBC employee Donald Trump bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy,” during the 2016 election. The Washington Post got that particular story, which really makes no sense considering NBC was in possession of the tape the entire time.

Then there was the time in 1999 when the network sat on its exclusive interview of Juanita Broaddrick, who claims Bill Clinton raped her in the 1970s. They didn’t air the tape until after Clinton had been acquitted on two articles of impeachment.

All of this is to say: Forgive me if I’m skeptical of an NBC-led investigation absolving NBC management of allegations they were aware of Lauer’s reported conduct. It’s going to take a bit more than that to assuage concerns the network has a deep-rooted, boys club approach to sexual misconduct

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