Love him or hate him, Jeff Sessions is why Mueller's Russia probe is still on track

Along the way, when Republicans in Congress have pressured Sessions to appoint additional special counsels to investigate a wide range of matters, he has calmly reminded the legislative branch of the “extraordinary conditions” necessary to warrant such appointments. As a measure of prudence in applying the rule of law equitably, Sessions enlisted U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber to coordinate with Horowitz in determining whether allegations of misconduct at the department merit further investigation. Huber happens to be an Obama appointee who was re-nominated by Trump and has a strong reputation as an excellent prosecutor.

We have no way of predicting whether this trend will continue. The top leadership of the Justice Department may not make it through this week. The president might try to fire or pardon his way out of any exposure in the Russia or Cohen investigations. Or House Republican leaders may devise some new test for Rosenstein and the department that they cannot pass.