Chuck Todd: I'm "stunned" Sean Hannity wasn't suspended

“I am just stunned that FOX had no punitive response,” Todd exclaimed. “Not a ‘Sean Hannity must disclose every night.’ Not a ‘he can’t cover this story.’ Not a ‘he has been suspended for a week.’ Nothing. Not a single thing. They are saying this is okay for anybody that works at FOX News.”

Todd imagined that FOX’s response, other than the press release, would be that the viewer knows Hannity is “biased” and “in the tank” for Trump.

“I think what FOX executives would argue and push back say at me and you and this conversation, they would say the viewer knows what they are getting with Sean,” Todd surmised. “They would sit there and say they know exactly what they are getting. They know he’s biased. They know he’s in the tank. It’s not a secret. He’s not fooling anybody. So they would say what’s the harm?”