No one would accept, in any other discussion, the ignorance seen in the gun debate

No one would cheer if a pundit said it’s easier to get a late-term abortion than Sudafed. His audience would ask to see his homework. No one would shrug it off if a legislator incorrectly referred to a “trimester” as a “semester.” No one would ignore it if a pro-life senatorial candidate explained his position on abortions in cases of rape and incest with a response that included something about the human body rejecting “legitimate rape.”

Hell, no one would accept this level of ignorance from a traffic report. If a journalist referred to a pickup truck as an “auto-style speedbox,” he would rightly be laughed off the air.

The gun debate is too important and consequential for this sort of ignorance to go unchecked. It certainly can’t be ignored when it comes from the people tasked with explaining and drafting our laws. Understanding the subject is the least that they can do.