Babies that look like their dads are healthier because they get more attention

A total of 715 unmarried mothers and fathers who did not live together were interviewed during the first three days after birth, and then at four follow-ups before the child’s first birthday. The researchers asked parents questions, including “Who does the baby look like?” In addition, the child’s health during the first year of their life was noted. Health care indicators included number of asthma attacks, emergency room visits and how long these visits were.

Two thirds of the parents agreed on whether or not the child looked like their father. Of this group, 56 percent believed the child did look like the father and 44 percent agreed the child did not resemble the father.

Results revealed that children whose parents agreed that they looked like their fathers spent on average 2.5 more days per month with their father. And these children had overall better health, according to the indicators included in the interviews.

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