As Steve Bannon's star fades, so does that of some of his Senate candidates

Ward, a physician, in fact, had such a powerful start to her primary challenge of Sen. Jeff Flake that her support from Bannon and Trump –- who tweeted about her candidacy in August — was seen by political experts as a factor in the senator’s decision not to run for reelection.

But she has seen her campaign lose some fundraising steam over the past few months.

Her fundraising has been behind her GOP primary opponent, Rep. Martha McSally. Ward raised $435,904 in the last quarter of 2017, while McSally raised more than $1 million.

Ward, like many other Bannon-supported candidates, distanced herself from him in January after his feud with Trump, whom she has embraced. The president, however, while not endorsing in the race, has praised McSally’s work on border security and she was seated close to him at January White House meeting on immigration.