"Off the rails": House Russia probe hits new low

“I want [the House investigation] to end because we have gone off the rails of being able to objectively do our job,” Rep. Tom Rooney (R-Fla.) said Friday. Rooney said that other GOP committee members agree with him, though he did not name them.

The partial leak of Hicks’s testimony “was the tipping point for me,” Rooney said, adding he had “finally come to the realization that we are not going to put together any kind of a bipartisan product that’s going to help the national security apparatus we oversee or to find out objectively what happened in the last election.”

Rooney has urged the panel’s lead investigator, Mike Conaway (R-Texas), to shut down the probe, which another GOP committee member describes as “nearly” complete. But Democrats insist that dozens more witnesses must testify, including several top Trump associates such as the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr.