The 2020 Democratic primary is already out of hand

One more: Eric Holder, why are you running for president?

Okay, Holder hasn’t exactly been camping out in Iowa and New Hampshire, but he is at least hinting at it (although a quick search indicates the only people who appear to be taking it seriously are Republican-aligned media). The former attorney general in the Obama administration probably would have little chance at the nomination, and doesn’t have conventional qualifications. If he does want to run for office, however, there’s a good one available: Holder, from New York, could take on incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo. A lot of liberals in New York have been unhappy with Cuomo, and Holder could run on a civil rights and voting rights platform that he could actually implement if he won. Indeed, just by running he might be able to push Cuomo on several issues Holder cares about.

I could add Oprah Winfrey. If she was serious about a political career, the Illinois governor contest this year would have been an excellent target.

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