The #MeToo moments on the campaign trail

Sometimes those who work adjacent to the campaign can be harassed by staffers. A women’s rights group organizer in rural Pennsylvania felt verbally harassed by a city council candidate and his campaign manager.

The former organizer said they “talked about ways to proposition me … and what they would do if I said no.” The pair denied this, but admitted to calling her a “Jewish American princess,” and the candidate said the campaign manager talked about masturbating to the woman’s Facebook photos. The campaign manager also admitted to sending the organizer “a very insensitive and inarticulate email essentially asking her for a date.”

They eventually apologized to the organizer, but she said she’s still upset by what she considers to be sexist and anti-semitic comments about her. The candidate told Axios: “I don’t believe what we were saying about her was as nasty as what Donald Trump was saying in that infamous Access Hollywood tape.”

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