You are being tracked. Deal with it.

Any device that’s connected to the Internet is thus peering into your world. This year’s CES show in Las Vegas was highlighted by much attention on connected speakers that can flush toilets or turn on showers with voice commands. Great, here’s some new info tech companies didn’t need to know about—our bathroom habits. LG and Samsung touted connected stoves, refrigerators and other kitchen devices that open up even more tracking to our homes. New connected cars tout always-on features.

So yes, we’re being tracked on the highway now, too.

The smart TV snooping sounds eerie at first, but I don’t have a major problem with it. For decades the Nielsen company has been trying to measure what we watch, to mixed results, at least according to broadcasterswho have complained about under-reported audiences for years. Before we started to buy everything online, big box retailers and credit cards were tracking purchases at the register, the better to offer you deals on related goods.