Quentin Tarantino explains everything: Uma Thurman, the "Kill Bill" crash, and Weinstein

DEADLINE: She also made reference to telling you the things Harvey Weinstein did to make her feel so uncomfortable. You spoke about this when it had to do with your ex-girlfriend, Mira Sorvino. But what about that part of the story? About Harvey Weinstein forcing himself on Uma Thurman?

TARANTINO: Well, I dealt with it. The thing about it is, the good things I did are in the Maureen Dowd article. However, they are de-emphasized to not make any impression. Mira had told me what Harvey had done to her. I couldn’t believe it. We were now boyfriend and girlfriend and he was staying away. And I chalked it up to the idea that Harvey had a big crush on her. That there was this big Svengali moment going on, where she was at the Toronto Film Festival, the toast of the town because of Mighty Aphrodite, everyone is buzzing. And he’s the Flo Ziegfeld, presenting this new star. And that he had an over-inflated sense of his own sexuality. She told me those stories. I was horrified for her and frankly embarrassed for him, that he had to make desperate moves like that. Me and Mira became boyfriend and girlfriend and he backed off, all the way. I figured he was having a big crush on Mira.

Then, while we were getting ready to do Kill Bill, Uma tells me that he had done the same thing to her. That was when I realized there was a pattern, in Harvey’s luring and pushing attacks. So I made Harvey apologize to Uma. In the Maureen Dowd article it says, that is when Quentin confronted Harvey? Well, my confrontation was saying, you have to go to Uma. This happened. You have to apologize to her and she has to accept your apology, if we’re going to do Kill Bill together.