What Juanita Broaddrick wants you to know

You once said to me, “Feminists failed me, but they didn’t fail a lot of other women because they got a lot of legislation passed.”

Yeah. And you know I hope that what they did for women’s rights brought us women to a better existence … I just hate that they threw me and the other victims of Bill Clinton under the bus to do it. I used to think that you can sacrifice a few for the many. But you know, you and I have talked over the past few days and I’ve come to another realization. I wonder how many of the women and children and men would not have been raped or sexually assaulted over the last two decades if these women’s groups had just done the right thing and denounced Bill Clinton. Instead, it brought us to this society of accepting Bill Clinton’s transgressions. That’s wrong. How many less victims would there be had he been removed from office for what he did?