My experience with Andy McCabe: No criticizing James Comey allowed

I left the show, got into an FBI car and headed downtown for the counterterrorism training event. That’s when my assistant called me to tell me that she got a call from the acting FBI director’s office telling me not to show up. No explanation was provided.

I was infuriated. I couldn’t understand it. I had worked hard and prepared a lot of useful information for these law enforcement chiefs. I called McCabe’s chief of staff, James Rybicki, and asked him to arrange a call with McCabe.

On Monday, June 12, McCabe called me and said bluntly that he heard about what I said on the news and he made the decision to cancel my keynote speech. He said it was a particularly sensitive time for the FBI and, knowing what I said on the air, he thought his agents would be too upset to have me at the event.