I didn't get a free pass into America at age six and neither should DREAMers

Today there are these “dreamers” whose parents made a mistake. More than a mistake, their parents have broken laws of the country in which they sought refuge. Do those mistakes, those illegal acts, entitle these children to something special? Some think so.

So these nouveau “dreamers” will invariably get a pass. They will be rewarded for their parents’ law-breaking and mistakes. Such says more about America than it does about the “dreamers” and their parents.

But it would behoove these dreamers to “pay it forward” what they are about to get. Whatever challenges they endured should be used not as reasons to perpetuate a class of victims, but as reasons to excel in their dreams. They should insist—no, they should demand—that their brethren and countrymen respect the laws of the country that took them in, that allowed them to live here illegally without prosecution, and that now will be giving them a great gift.