It's hard to be a man in the #MeToo #TimesUp era. And it should be.

Indeed, men should be talking. Here’s what we should be telling each other about how to relate to women.

Stop treating them as though they exist to please our eyes and excite our bodies. Stop putting them in impossible situations where they’re a “slut” if they do or a “bitch” if they don’t. Stop treating sex as a form of recreation while leaving women to deal with the profound reproductive consequences.

So you’re not sure anymore how to approach a woman to whom you’re attracted? Start by getting to know her as a person and developing a relationship with her.

So you can’t handle it when a woman rebuffs you? It’ll be OK. You’ll meet other women. As Kelly Macias writes at Daily Kos, “Men need to learn that rejection is part of life and that you won’t actually die when someone you are interested in isn’t interested in you.”