The worst political predictions of 2017

Prediction: Jared Kushner will be a moderating influence on President Trump
Made by: Rick Reed (among many, many others)

Early on, the Beltway read on Jared Kushner was that he would temper the president’s more incendiary tendencies; Kushner—hailing from a family of Democratic donors, and endowed with the unusual dual status of presidential aide and son-in-law—would be a much-needed voice of reason countervailing Steve Bannon within the White House.

“Certainly a president needs someone to say, ‘Look, this isn’t helpful to you, this isn’t helpful to the country,’” Trump ad man Rick Reed told New York magazine in January, sharing a view widely held among the chattering class. “I think Jared will play that role.”

In reality, Kushner has repeatedly steered Trump’s administration into perilous waters—including advocating the firing of FBI Director James Comey and reportedly urging Michael Flynn to contact Russia during the transition.