Tucker Carlson on why he's avoided covering harassment stories about Fox News

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson says he has largely avoided covering sexual-harassment allegations against his former colleagues — such as those against the longtime CEO Roger Ailes, host Eric Bolling, and anchor Bill O’Reilly — because he did not have anything to add.

“It’s been thoroughly covered — those aren’t secret stories,” Carlson said in an interview after his appearance at Business Insider’s IGNITION conference last week. “I can say with honesty I do not know any details that are not in the papers, and those are scant. So I don’t know what to add.”

By comparison, Carlson has devoted extensive time to covering allegations against figures like the former NBC host Matt Lauer, entertainment mogul Harvey Weinstein, and Democratic Sen. Al Franken.

But Carlson told Business Insider that believing victims of sexual harassment fit a theme of his show: championing total free speech.