Social conservatives, raise the ethical standard

Donald Trump’s presidency, and its manifest inability to move the political ball forward, reflects the character of the man himself. Has he pursued his populist agenda? Do you feel like the globalists are routed? Is the GOP becoming a worker’s party because of his efforts? And is he putting his shoulder to the wheel to create a new great health-care system that would “take care of everyone?”

Of course not. He is vain. And so he is too busy watching TV and finding ways to burrow himself deeper into the news cycle. He is self-obsessed and so he sees the office as a vehicle for self-aggrandizement, even for his own amusement. His presidency has been dominated by his scandals, and not only because the Establishment is defending itself. He hired incompetent or corrupt people, men like Paul Manafort who get rich by representing the interests of others. His shortcuts make it harder for him to pursue his agenda. His laziness ensures that his political capital is spent chasing Paul Ryan’s agenda, when he’s not spending it protecting himself.

And in a similar way Moore would not advance the ball for religious and social conservatives. His ethical lapses would distract from his ability to use the powers of his office for his supporters. His scandals would also caution the public against cooperating with the election of others who share Roy Moore’s convictions and politics.

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