Why the #NeverTrump movement died last November 9

The Federalist’s Robert Tracinski is equally harsh in his view of this first brand of anti-Trumpism. He sees it as its own kind of tribalism, on a par with the ideologies these NeverTrumpers purport to oppose. What Trump revealed, Tracinski tells me, is the number of people for whom politics is ultimately tribalistic rather than ideological.

This is how he sees the left-leaning NeverTrumper: as someone willing to toss out ideology for tribe. Only for the NeverTrumper-cum-Democrat, the tribe is Trump’s fans, who must be opposed at all costs.

“I knew that was the case for the fanatics on the Trump Train, who were willing to sell out key ideological goals because they loved a guy who makes the left scream,” he explained. “The even more depressing thing is how many NeverTrump conservatives, who were supposedly all about ideology over tribalism, turned out to be tribalistic, too.”

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