Late-night comedy has become hate speech

Previous late night comedy hosts were never this partisan. Johnny Carson wisely told Barbara Walters in 1984, “I think one of the dangers if you are a comedian, which basically I am, is that if you start to take yourself too seriously and start to comment on social issues, your sense of humor suffers somewhere.”

Today’s comedians are turning comedy into partisan talk shows. We don’t need anymore — especially on the left, where there is a glut of them due to the left-leaning slant of almost all news networks except Fox News. These new late night comedians aren’t funny, they’re downright rude. Considering a large proportion of the population that watches late night comedy is on the right, they are making a big mistake.

The truth is the left has pulled off a clever stunt and sleight of hand when it comes to late night talk shows. Shame on NBC for being so greedy for viewers that they would even hire Colbert and pretend to carry on the traditions of the late night talk shows.

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