Publisher of The New Republic resigns amid harassment allegations

Hamilton Fish, president and publisher of The New Republic, resigned from the magazine Friday, following allegations that he had mistreated female employees.

Win McCormack, the owner of The New Republic, made the announcement in a memo to staff, noting that the investigation into Fish’s conduct would continue.

“This won’t mean an end to the inquiry we’ve commissioned, as we want to understand everyone’s experiences in full, both on their own terms and for the purposes of looking ahead,” McCormack wrote. “If you happen not yet to receive the investigator’s contact details, with our invitation to connect with her, you should expect to today.”

J.J. Gould, the editor of The New Republic, said he could not comment. Fish and McCormack did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In a letter to McCormack, Fish acknowledged complaints from employees that his presence in the office “had led them to feel uncomfortable at the New Republic.”

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