Stop making excuses for spouses who cheat

Kevin Hart is sorry. Very sorry. And he promises it won’t happen again.

The blockbuster comedian not only apologized to his wife for cheating on her while she was pregnant, but also to audiences at his show a couple of weeks ago: “This is as real as it gets right here, man. I’m going through some s - - t right now, I’m going through drama. Things happen for a reason, and in this particular case, guys, I promise you I’m going to come out a better man.”

But whether Hart’s wife should forgive him or, if she doesn’t, whether any future partner should trust him is an open question. Cheaters, according to some new research, are likely to cheat again. And though we may sometimes assume their infidelity is the fault of their partner or some flaw in the relationship, marriage experts increasingly suggest otherwise.

According to a recent paper published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, people who were unfaithful in one relationship were three times as likely to be unfaithful in the next one, compared to those who hadn’t been unfaithful in the first one.