Polls say these are the supporters Trump is losing

Over his first month, Trump drew positive marks for his job performance from 88% of Republicans 50 and older, and 79% of those who were younger.

But Gallup results from August found the gap in attitudes toward Trump’s performance widened on both fronts. In Gallup polling from the day after Trump’s initial response to the violence in Charlottesville on August 12 through August 31, his approval rating among college-educated Republicans slipped to just 71%. That was down 12 percentage points from his standing with those well-educated Republicans in his first month of his term. Among Republicans without a degree, Trump retreated too, but only by seven percentage points, to 77% approval.

The age gap among Republicans opened even wider. Post-Charlottesville, Trump retained an 82% approval rating among Republicans older than 50, compared to just 67% among those younger than 50. His disapproval rating in late August among younger Republicans (at 28%) nearly doubled the level among older Republicans (15%).