What Steve Bannon's return means for Breitbart

One of the surprising things about Breitbart during the Trump era so far has been that for the amount of access it supposedly has, the site hasn’t broken much news. Yes, Boyle has interviewed Trump, and other administration officials have given interviews to Breitbart. But most of the big leaks out of the administration have gone to mainstream news outlets.

But now, as one Breitbart staffer pointed out to me, though the site’s staffers were nearly as in the dark before as other outlets when it came to the inside goings-on of the administration, that will change with the re-entry of Bannon. He returns with just about the most insider knowledge a person could have of the White House. Until last Friday at least, he had a security clearance as well.

“Bannon will try to use some of the shit that he’s learned,” said Stranahan.