Spare America a do-over on health care. Seize the bipartisan moment.

We can’t have a system where one party is pulling on one side of the rope and the second party on the other, and expect to get anywhere. If the party in charge calls all the shots and the minority party reserves the right to find fault or create mischief, our health system will be in limbo and our politics will remain broken. And we can’t change our health care system with each election. Both sides should agree to avoid fast-track processes that allow one party to be excluded from the debate, and both parties should agree to take half a loaf if, in the end, everyone owns the outcome.

Families I’ve heard from since the collapse of the Senate health bill last week feel safer with the ACA intact. But it will take bipartisan support of health care — not called Obamacare, not called Trumpcare — for Americans to feel truly secure. Sometimes, it takes partisanship to fall flat for bipartisanship to rise. We would be wise to seize this moment.

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