The great conservative rethink isn't going away

In America, some of the new nationalist constituency convinced themselves that the very shock of Donald Trump’s election would effect their revolution. Ha. Ha. Enjoy the next three years and change of guessing what Trump is going to tweet about next. Maybe he drops a few more MOABs in wars you thought he was going to end. Now he is telling those left behind by the old economy that there’s no helping them; they should think about moving. If 2016 was your Flight 93 election, make your peace with God now. You got control of the cockpit, but you had no plan for going nose up, the engine is just bursting into flames as you give it more juice on the way to back to Earth. Maybe he causes a few more libs to lose their minds on social media. Maybe they will become as numb to his provocations as you are becoming. Big whoop. Either way, you blew your one chance.

Or did you?

What if sudden-onset political incompetence is just part of the new era that is breaking upon us all?

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