Report: Coulter railed at Trump in Oval Office to focus more on his base

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Dr. Conde 3 minutes ago
He’s all but forcing Sessions to resign to stop the ongoing humiliation. I don’t approve of Sessions and his racist policies, but I also…
Gene 3 minutes ago
This POTUS is crazy and violating the unwritten norms and written rules of law of this country pertaining to his role and power as the #1 in…
Andrew 3 minutes ago
DT does not like AG Sessions because Sessions refuses to bow down to DT.It’s plain and simple. DT surrounds himself with weak men and strong…

In Taking Aim at His Attorney General, Trump Tests Sessions’s Views JULY 24, 2017

Trump’s Fury Erodes His Relationship With Sessions, an Early Ally JULY 20, 2017

Democrats, Hoping to Retake House, Walk Tightrope in Unlikely Places JULY 14, 2017
“If an early supporter like this is thrown under the bus, then who is safe?” asked Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies and a supporter of stricter immigration policies like those promoted by Mr. Sessions. “You can imagine what the other cabinet secretaries are thinking.”…


Frustration among conservatives has been building for some time. Weeks ago, Mr. Bannon brought Ann Coulter, the firebrand pundit, to see Mr. Trump, according to two people briefed on the visit. Ms. Coulter railed at the president that he needed to focus more on his core supporters.

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