With Scaramucci, Trump is going to war

Mr. Scaramucci is in his new post not because he will offer superior counsel or elevated strategic skills. He is not in because he will better manage a frothing, manic press gallery. Or shape a stronger, more coherent defence of Mr. Trump’s agenda.

He is in because he will fight to his last breath – without question or contest and without quarrel or quit. He will fight dirty and he will fight desperately. He will use his hands and his feet and his teeth and his elbows and the nearest, sharpest thing he can find. Best of all, he will fight on command. He will not argue with the boss. He will not tell the President what he doesn’t want to hear – that is, that Mr. Trump should keep his mouth shut and phone locked. Mr. Scaramucci will tell Mr. Trump to go and go hard. He will encourage aggression in all its forms, at all times and directed against all comers.

And that’s the kind of communications director the President wants.

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