Ann Coulter’s Delta tweetstorm: Maybe she should become a Ralph Nader-style consumer advocate?

Ann Coulter’s tweetstorm about Delta Airlines illustrates the conservative author’s social media reach and power, her acid tongue and an element of hypocrisy—since she implicitly seems to believe that Delta should be forbidden from overbooking or being able to move passengers, even while often railing against the type of government regulation that would be necessary for such restrictions.

In case you were actually enjoying your summer Sunday, you might have missed that Coulter, who is six feet tall, was livid when Delta bumped her out of one of those pay-extra-for-more-legroom seats, putting there instead what the bestselling author called a “dachsund-legged woman.”

She ripped into Delta Air Lines, which tweeted back that he comments were “unacceptable.”

The irony here is that the arch-conservative Coulter finds herself on the same side as liberal consumer advocates, who have been arguing that passengers need more rights.

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