White House Correspondents Association voting to "ice out" Breitbart?

The voting ends Friday, but there is a letter circulating by reporters from Breitbart, Circa, the Daily Signal, and Newsmax — as well as liberal talk show host Bill Press and longtime White House correspondent Connie Lawn — urging a delay for more debate, and if that is refused, to vote no.

They wrote “the bylaws change would mean some members and hard pass holders who regularly cover the White House will not have full participation in the organization that is supposed to represent them regarding access among other things. Another unintended consequence of the rules change could also be undermining the board’s credibility when fighting for access and transparency.”

They also asked why the rush? “No harm can come from more open dialogue such as a town hall, or at least interaction between the board and members. For those who might support the concept of this policy, we’d argue that there is no profound urgency to pass this immediately. The substance and merits of a policy change deserve the chance for open and honest discussion among members since it affects their status and could potentially negatively [affect] their employment.”

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