The left turned me from a Sanders fan into a Trump supporter

The story surrounding Ke$ha and Dr. Luke was running rapid in the feminist community. In an interview during the same time, Charlie Puth said what was happening to both Dr. Luke and Ke$ha was devastating. It was. But the left only heard that it was devastating to Dr. Luke, and attacked Puth as a rape sympathizer, a misogynist, and against the fight for equality; by listening to his music, I suddenly was too.

I was harassed on Twitter for my opinion and quickly deleted any trace of him off of my account. I couldn’t do anything without the risk of it being critiqued and accused of harming society. I listened to him in secret and when in public would roll my eyes, look disgusted, and turn off the radio.

It was like walking on glass every single day, and I was tired of having bleeding feet.

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