Why Wonder Woman is the perfect hero for the Trump era

The rise of President Trump, and the misogynistic attitudes that he has espoused so often over the years, no doubt paved the way for some of the controversy surrounding a recent women-only screening of the film in Austin. Up to now, of course, the screenings of superhero movies have been metaphorically all-male all along, from gender disparity on corporate boards and in positions of leadership to on-screen representation. So naturally, a film about an exceptional group of women created specifically to save the world that men have wrecked would be threatening.

But it is eerily apropos at this moment in our nation’s history, when a new international poll of 37 countries found that favorable perceptions of the United States has fallen, and only a median 22 percent of those countries surveyed, including traditional allies such as Britain and France, felt that our president could be trusted to do the right thing when it came to global affairs.

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