Republicans scramble to revise health bill in 48 hours

One proposal gaining momentum would preserve all or some of Obamacare’s taxes on wealthy individuals to shore up funding to help low-income people who would face higher health care costs under the draft GOP plan than they did under Obamacare. The idea is popular with moderates and would blunt Democrats’ criticism that the bill is just a tax cut for the rich. But it’s not likely to go over well with conservatives…

In addition to the high-income tax changes, other policy tweaks were floating in and out of consideration, including adjusting the Medicaid growth rate for how much funding states would receive.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) wants to move an insurance premium stability fund — which he says is merely a giveaway to insurance companies — out of the health bill and into legislation to reauthorize the bipartisan and popular Children’s Health Insurance Program. But he admits the idea went over with fellow Republicans like a “lead balloon.”