The bespoke high is the future of marijuana

The pens are aesthetically pleasing—certainly more so than a hand-blown glass bong resembling a dragon or those cumbersome oblongs known as box vapes. Each three-second pull you’re doled out exactly a 2.25 mg dose with just under 2 mg of active agents. The vape vibrates to let you know when you’re done. Comparatively a puff of a joint, deploys around 3 mg of cannabinoids.

The edibles company Kiva Confections is good at this too. Their Terra Bites—chocolate enrobed morsels like coffee beans and dried blueberries—carry 5 mgs each. But Hmbldts aren’t just low doses, each pen is color coded and blended in specific formulations for a prescribed effect. The thinking is that when you smoke you’ll know where you’re headed. Hmbldt is owned in part (24 percent) by Anomaly, the ad agency that does Coca Cola and Beats by Dre which explains their slick packaging (that could inspire suspicion in a #wellness product) but it’s the first to design directional highs.

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