Hugh Hewitt MSNBC show angers liberals with conservative hires

Progressives expecting a comforting anti-Trump presence Saturday morning on MSNBC were spewing their corn flakes after finding instead conservative Hugh Hewitt in his debut as host of a weekly show on the liberal network.

Mr. Hewitt, an author, radio host and former Reagan White House official, had an impressive “get” — CIA Director Mike Pompeo in his first network interview since taking the job. But the MSNBC faithful were still furious, accusing their favorite network of betraying them by hiring a “hyperpartisan” host and providing a weekly “propaganda vehicle” for President Trump.

“Dear MSNBC: When we said ‘Who’s MSNBC going to give a show to next — Hugh Hewitt?’ we were kidding,” tweeted Lauren Baratz Logsted. “No one wants this. No one.”

Liberal Media Matters for America denounced Mr. Hewitt as “Sean Hannity in glasses” and ticked off his transgressions, including voting for President Trump and urging other conservatives to do the same despite criticizing the real-estate mogul during the campaign.

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