Free speech? Not in Minneapolis!

The City of Minneapolis has established a hot line to report speech and conduct that are deemed hateful. The city’s press release says:

“Through its 311 service, the City of Minneapolis has opened a new hotline for reporting hate crimes, which are harassing behaviors motivated by prejudice.”

That is wrong. “Harassing behaviors” may or may not be crimes; in many cases, depending on how the phrase is understood by people using the hot line, they probably aren’t.

The Director of Minneapolis’s Department of Civil Rights, Velma Korbel, explains the rationale behind the new reporting system:

“Since the general election, many of us have experienced, witnessed firsthand or heard of actions of: racism, xenophobia, sexism and bigotry directed at people here and in cities across the United States.”

So this is all about the “Resistance” to President Trump’s administration, a fact that is reaffirmed in the next paragraph.

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