Report: FBI fired Sebastian Gorka for anti-Muslim diatribes

Gorka saw little difference between violence and nonviolence in an all-out assault against America.

“If you boil this down to its operational essence,” Gorka said in 2012, “this is about anybody in that camp who wishes to undermine the U.S. Constitution, whether by killing 3,000 civilians in 102 minutes on a beautiful Tuesday morning in New York or by instigating Sharia-compliant mortgages in 26 states in this great nation. Both of those things are a form of attack.”…

FBI officials considered Gorka’s August lecture risible, counterproductive to actual counterterrorism, and an embarrassment to the FBI’s professionalism. Sources said Gorka made the bureau look ignorant in front of the law-enforcement entities it relies on to bolster domestic counterterrorism efforts.

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