Georgia vote says more about Trump now than House in '18

Special elections have been notoriously unreliable for predicting the results of elections more than a year away. That’s probably especially true in the current speeded-up news cycle. That doesn’t mean Republican and Democratic strategists won’t try to take lessons from GA06 and try to apply them to the future. But who knows what might happen by next week, much less next year?

Still, the election results do tell us something about this moment. “They tell you that Trump’s supporters support Trump,” said the strategist. “So far, all the available data is that Trump’s supporters not only support him but are motivated.”

Indeed, talking to voters during a door-knocking session with conservative activists in GA06 earlier this month revealed a sentiment shared by a lot of Trump supporters. “Give him a chance,” they said over and over. They sense, correctly, that Democrats in Congress have sought not just to oppose Trump from Day One, but hope to actually remove him from office through the Russia investigation.

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