About that Russian "interference"

So Sean Spicer says he’s not sure whether President Trump believes there was concerted Russian “interference” in the 2016 presidential election. I’m not sure whether I believe there was, either.

If by “interference” we mean monkeying around with the voting process itself, adding Trump votes and subtracting votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton, then, no: No person or organization of any consequence seems even to take seriously the possibility that this was the case. The votes were counted as cast, and Donald J. Trump, strange though the fact may be, was elected president of these United States, fair and square.

What the Democrats and the media seem to mean by “interference” is an attempt to influence the election through such means as establishing a Russian-run pro-Trump social-media campaign, cooking up “fake news” meant to be damaging to Mrs. Clinton, and, especially, stealing and releasing confidential e-mail embarrassing to Mrs. Clinton and her allies in the Democratic-party apparatus.

Foreign powers attempting to influence U.S. elections is not new. It is a normal part of politics, albeit one that ought to be resisted and, where appropriate, policed.

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