President Trump, Otto Warmbier's death must not go unchallenged

First, President Trump should submit a bill to Congress, call it the Otto Warmbier act, to make sure that never again will innocent Americans be used for the propaganda machine of Kim Jong Un. In the bill, he should codify that no U.S. citizen should be allowed to travel to North Korea–under any circumstances whatsoever. President Trump could work with Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, who has also proposed a similar idea. Here, the president can send a powerful message that we will not be allow North Korea to use any means necessary to gain leverage over us—including our own citizens who come in peace to visit their country and many times for humanitarian reasons.

Second, the president should demand the immediate release of all other Americans that are still trapped in North Korea. There is no reason that Pyongyang should be holding innocent civilians for any reason from any country as a propaganda ploy. President Trump should declare that if such Americans are not returned right now, and unharmed, all options would be on the table—from the toughest of possible unilateral sanctions, to increased missile defense platforms in the seas or possibly to Japan and that truly “all options are on the table.”

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