The great American fallout: How small towns came to resent cities

Observers wonder when “these people” will wake up and realise that Trump does not have their interests at heart. But rural folks have gotten used to a system that does not have their interests at heart.

In fact, the Trump supporters I spent time with in rural communities don’t seem to believe that even their president is going to do much for them.

The Monday morning after the 2016 election, in a gas station in a logging town in north-west Wisconsin, I asked a group of retired and working men what they thought Trump would do to help them.

Ron, a logger, replied: “Nothing. Nothing. We’re used to living in poverty, we’re used to it. It ain’t never going to change. How many times we got to tell you that? But you don’t listen.”

He told me the country had to try something different, even if it wasn’t going to help his town.

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